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1999-2000 Community Centre Projects


Request # Community Center Amount Requested (Dollars) Funding Use (click on link within each subject for more information)

# Children Benefiting

Total Raised Status
99-01 Drumcree Community Center
Co. Armagh
$1629 Purchase karaoke equipment to put on dances for kids 200 $1,629.00 Funded 2/2000
00-01 Lower Ormeau Resident Action Group Belfast, 
Co. Antrim
Purchase lighting equipment to hold dances for kids on weekends 450 Funded by Belfast Council  11/00 Funded by Belfast Council 11/00 
00-02 Care in Crisis 
"Love for Life" 
Co. Armagh
$10,500 Purchase color xerox machine to print pregnancy prevention phamplets 26,000 $100.00 Funds being raised
00-03 Carnany Community Assoc. 
Co. Antrim
unknown unknown unknown 0.00 Awaiting application
00-04 Glenview Community Centre
Co. Derry
See 00-11 Below na na na See 00-11 Below
00-05 Drumcree Community Center
Co. Armagh
$650 Airline ticket for international artist, Gary White Deer to fly from Oklahoma to NI for artist workshop with Robert Ballagh and Mo Chara Kelly 100 $650 Funded 10/15/00
00-06 Victims and Survivors Trust
Co. Antrim
$750 Purchase childrens art supplies for school working with kids whose father or sibling were killed in Troubles 20 $750 Funded 10/15/00
00-07 Upper Springfield Youth Network
Co. Antrim
$10,000 Purchase Outdoor Pursuits camping, rock climbing, hiking, etc. equipment 450 500.00 Funds being raised
00-08 Conway Education Centre
Co. Antrim
$350 Purchase games, art activities, and prop box for after school homework children's program 43 $350.00 Funded 11/20/00
00-09 Melmount Forum Strabane, 
Co. Tyrone
$1,450 Purchase overhead projector, laminator, camera, photocopier, fax machine 60-100  $250.00 Funded 12/15/00 
00-10 Newcastle Preschool Playgroup
Co. Down
$1,400 Purchase playgroup equipment for children from both communities 44 $350.00 Funded 12/15/00
00-11 Glen Youth Development Group, 
Co. Derry
$1,000 Purchase copier, fax, computer printer/scanner for use in business equipment training for youths 75 $400.00 First funding of $400 completed March,2001 
now working on additional funding requests
00-12 Maiden City Soccer Schools, 
County Londonderry
$11,300 Purchase soccer uniforms and equipment for a cross-community soccer youth training organization 820 $5250.00 ($1,750 in cash) 500 soccer shirts sent- May, 2001
00-13 Lower Ormeau Residents Action Group $1,500 Purchase two (2) new computers for kids to use 450 $1,300 Funded 12/4/00
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