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In mid-July, 2004, the Children of Ireland Group learned of a need for baseball equipment in Northern Ireland.  Simon Doyle, reporter for the Irish News in Belfast and an avid fan of baseball, was working on a project to start Little League baseball teams and needed equipment!  A call went out to our supporters and equipment was rounded up.  FedEx enthusiastically agreed to assist shipping the equipment and the first supply went out mid-August.  Below is a picture of some of the members of a Port Stewart team who were extremely excited about receiving the new equipment!!  Equipment is still needed and can very easily be shipped over -contact Terry Ryan, Children of Ireland Group at:  850/562-6466 ext 3307 for further details!

October 2004


October, 2004 Trip to the Republic of Ireland

  The following e-mail and photo was received from Gene with the Port Stewart baseball organization regarding a fantastic trip to Dublin by their young baseball team.  It was exciting for the youth, to say the least -see the picture! 


"We took 22 kids down to Dublin for a "blitz", playing with three other teams from the Republic of Ireland; the Greystones Mariners, the Kerry Green Sox and the Clondalkin Black Sox. As you can see from the photos the kids had a great time. Since there are no baseball diamonds any where in Northern Ireland it was for most of these kids their first time on a baseball field! They were thrilled! We are hoping to host the Greystone's Mariners up here next May. I hope you will post this photo on your website for the supporters of Children of Ireland so they can see how happy the kids are with their experience of baseball. As you know our team is made up of a mixture of kids from various cultures and religious backgrounds all brought together in team work through love of the great game of baseball!"

Dublin Trip October 2004