The following is a pictorial summary of my recent short trip to Biloxi, Miss. to deliver supplies to 20 families in the Biloxi, Miss. area.  The plan was to contact the lead Catholic church there and obtain advice on how best to distribute the supplies.  This was accomplished through the Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary (BVM) where enough supplies and much needed gas were dropped off for pickup at the next Mass, then others  distributed in a local neighborhood and funeral home which was serving as a focal point in the neighborhood.  (Many thanks to Joe and Nadine Dexter in Tallahassee for the use of their trailer!!).  Afterwards, while volunteering with the Biloxi Police Department at its dining facility at the Nativity BVM Elementary school, I met its principal Sister Mary Jo Mike and assisted at the Redemptorist home for retired priests.  Both facilities were severely damaged by the hurricane and are in need of considerable repairs.  (The retired priests were recently evacuated to St. Louis due to their home being inhabitable.)  The adjacent Notre Dame former high school was totally destroyed with debris pushed against the retirement home - for sure preventing the flood waters from totally destroying the retirement home where the priests gathered on the second floor during the storm! 

Efforts are now underway to repair damages to the elementary school and the priests' retirement home, plus replace the church in the Vietnamese community.  Your help is URGENTLY NEEDED to help on a specific project that you'll be able to see how your donation is being used.  Should you wish to donate to these projects, please contact me immediately at:  terry at (replace at with "@" symbol). Instructions for sending donations DIRECTLY to the school, the retirement home, and the church will soon be posted - (note:  although part of our website address is Children of Ireland Group, this is just for hosting purposes).

  Above:  Trailer with 20 supply boxes               Priest retirement home - facing ocean -           Retirement home - view from beach - the

                                                                                                        Note the debris which surely prevented more damage to the home!

Above:  Elementary school with dining area      Donation collection point at former gas station   Area where hundreds of homes were

for police, fire and rescue personnel                                                                                          destroyed



Above:  Grand Casino on barge which was         Effects of 30' water surge                                  Entire neighborhood destroyed by surge

lifted by surge over Hwy 90!