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Jed O'Connor was born on June 17, 1955, in Miami Florida to
Jessema Cox and Edmund O'Connor.  Edmund was born in Brooklyn,
New York, to Lillian Cassels and Maurice O'Connor.  Maurice had
immigrated to America from County Fermanagh in Ireland with his
younger brother.  They were the youngest of 17 children, and
ended up marrying sisters in New York.

When Jed was six years old, his family moved to Lake Placid,
Florida, were he attended all 12 years of public school,
graduating in 1973.  He received his B.A. from the University of
Florida in 1977, and his M. A. from Florida State University in
1986.  He worked in the Engineering Department for

TALLA-COM Industries.

He was a Music Laurel in the Society for Creative Anachronism,
and recorded "Merlin's Song," an album of medieval songs.

Survivors include his sister, Kim O'Connor, of Tallahassee,
Florida; his uncle, Elmer Cox, of Loogootee, Indiana; his aunt,
Eleanor Balzer, of Brooklyn, New York; and his cousin, John
Shafer of Apache Junction, Arizona.

Jed loved all of the arts, music and science, as well as
gardening and nature.  He was a modern-day Renaissance man, who
was beloved by his many friends.  He will be sorely missed by
all whose lives were touched by his generous and

compassionate nature.

Donations to Jed's Memorial have been designated to assist a community

in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland which is assisting

at-risk children.  Funds will go toward purchasing recreation and/or

education equipment requested by the centre.

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