INLA raid gang in Spanish blow-out
'Dark Cloud' descends on Barcelona as hated thugs spend robbery loot

Exclusive by Ciaran McGuigan

28 November 2004 - Belfast Telegraph

A BRUTAL INLA gang - believed to have kidnapped a family during a post office robbery - jetted off to Barcelona last week . . . to spend their ill-gotten loot.

The gang took two young girls hostage last month, while their mother was forced to open the safe at Deerpark Post Office in Belfast.

Up to five men had earlier burst into the McLean's family home, before taking the girls - aged just six and three - and their father away. Mrs McLean was taken by the robbers to get a "ransom" from the post office.

Sources say the gang jetted off to the Catalan capital last week, to watch Celtic take on Barcelona in the Champions League on Wednesday.

The gang, which is hated by many in the Ardoyne area, who accuse them of driving a number of young people to suicide, mingled with 10,000 other Celtic fans.

The trip was timed to coincide with the 40th birthday of their psycho leader, who's known as 'Dark Cloud'.

It is understood more than a dozen of Dark Cloud's henchmen travelled to Spain with him, to help him spend the money from the robbery.

The gang is also understood to have cashed in recently, after taking 29,000 in 'danger money' from a notorious north Belfast drug dealer, whom they'd threatened to shoot dead.

Before they flew out of Belfast International Airport, they had a weekend blow-out at a house in Ardoyne.

And during the 'party', they delivered a savage beating to the pal of a young suicide victim the gang had themselves driven to take his own life.

The young lad punched one of the INLA men and knocked him to the ground, before the rest of Dark Cloud's men piled in and gave him a savage beating.

Said one source: "What these thugs were saying to the relatives of the young people who killed themselves was just disgusting.

"And when one stood up for himself, they gave him a beating.

"They just think they are untouchable, but they make people sick."

The INLA in Ardoyne was blamed for driving a number of young people to take their own lives because of their bullying 'punishment attacks'.

More than a dozen young people killed themselves in the first half of the year alone.

Among them were pals Bernard Cairns and Anthony O'Neill, who hanged themselves within days of each other.

Both had been victims of attacks at the hands of Dark Cloud's vicious pals.