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Probe after man's body discovered


By Claire Regan

15 November 2004

Police launched an investigation today after a man's body was discovered in the grounds of a primary school in Ballynahinch.

Detectives have confirmed, however, that they are not treating the death as suspicious and it is understood that one possibility is that the man took his own life.

The find was made at the rear of Ballynahinch Primary School in Croob Park at 8.40am this morning, shortly before classes were due to begin.

A spokesman for the school said police were at the scene this morning and were carrying out a full investigation.

He added that it was too early to comment until the full facts of the discovery had been gathered together. It is understood the area was cordoned off and police had not yet identified the victim by 11am.

Local DUP Assemblyman, Jim Wells, said the death marked the third of its kind in Ballynahinch in just over a month.

"If this man has committed suicide, and nothing has been confirmed yet, then it is the latest in a very worrying trend," said the local councillor.

"It's a problem you would normally associate with the city and it's concerning to see it spread to rural areas like Ballynahinch.

"Social Services need to address the problem immediately. I would ask anyone who feels that they have no option other than suicide to talk to their family and friends or the Samaritans.

"This is also a distressing incident for the staff and pupils at the school so my thoughts are with them today as well."

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