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O Lord, When Will It Not Rain?
 -- for all the children of North Belfast

I am that child riddled with shrapnel
running & bleeding & screaming.

I am that daughter puzzled by lightning
painting my street, my sight & my skin.

I am that son raking the nightfall when rockets flare in the air
not like the American 4th of July but dripping dread & damnation

I am that mother running from whistling, sightless  pipebombs that rise up like manna from hell.

I am that father gathering children shredded as  sheaves on the ground.

I am that child, hands on my own bleeding day, wishing to stifle the flow.

Lord, I am your child, I am that child…

© Adeodato Piazza Nicolai, Padua, Italy,27 July 2002



About Us


The Children of Ireland Group is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to purchasing recreation and education equipment for community centres working with at-risk children in Ireland.

Formed in 1999, as a membership organization, we support the grass-roots efforts of community centres having daily contact with at-risk children and young adults on both sides of the on-going conflict. These centres are desperate for education and/or education equipment due to lack of funding.

Since 1999, The Children of Ireland Group, Inc. has assisted more than 70 community centres representing over 16,000 children. 

Such items as canoeing, kayaking, and soccer athletic equipment, many musical instruments, pre-and after-school furniture and books, art supplies and seminars, computer related equipment, and other types of education and/or recreation equipment are examples of support provided that will be used "long-term".

One on-going project is the collection of used personal computers which are shipped to the centres courtesy of FedEx. To-date, over 14 centres representing more than 1,000 children have been assisted! 

Contact us if you have one to donate!

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