The Children of Ireland Group
P. O. Box 13241, Tallahassee, Florida 32317
Telephone: (850) 562-6466 Ext. 3307

A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization

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The Children of Ireland Group, Inc. (CIG), formed in 1999, raises monies to purchase recreation and education equipment for community centers in Ireland, especially, Northern Ireland, working  with needy children and young adults.  

We feel the more resources a community center has then the  less likely a child or young adult will participate in gangs, violence, or as a last desperate act of despair, commit suicide.   

CIG is a US membership organization and proudly boasts of an international membership.  Membership is NOT, however, a requirement for a community center to receive assistance!   

To apply for funding consideration, please complete our application


Please provide as much detail as possible on recreation and/or education resources needed.  

Forward the application to CIG for review and approval and attach price quotes, proposals, etc. from  equipment companies from whom it will be purchased.  

Once approved, an international check will be forwarded payable to the equipment provider.  Should you have any questions, contact CIG  at: or call 850/562-6466 in the US. 



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