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This page (and related links) is intended to highlight recent sectarian violence in various specific locations which directly affects children in Northern Ireland. The reader is urged to respond to this violence by e-mailing, calling, writing, etc. appropriate authorities and expressing your outrage! 

Also, should you have any contact with any  group participating in these incidents, urge them to sit down with mediators and  work through neighborhood differences....all for the sake of their children!! (Note: Very soon, The Children of Ireland Group will be providing the means for you to send mass e-mails to various government officials, politicians, law enforcement, or other groups very easily! Stay tuned!)


Government Official Responses   General Response
06.12.02-Dr. Reid 06.25.02-Three Year Olds Form Prejudices
  06.20.02-Youth Culture & Anti-Social Behavior 


Date North Belfast East Belfast  West Belfast South Belfast 
08.15.02   Boy Threatened at Gunpoint    
08.11.02   Women and Children Attacked Prior to Children's Festival    
Eighteen Sectarian Attacks But PSNI says no danger!

PSNI_say petrol bomb no risk
08.05.02 Teenager badly hurt by mob wielding iron bars      
06.25.02       Students Survive Blast Bomb Attack
06.20.02 More Carnmoney Graves Attacked Catholics Under Siege Trouble Flares in New Barnsley  
06.16.02   Loyalists blocking Catholic access to doctors    
06.14.02   Week's Events Summary   Offer of Help
06.13.02   Community Worker

Pat Finucane Report
06.12.02   RTE News   Holy Rosary Arson
06.07.02 North Queen_St_Family_Flees      


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