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00-02 Request 

The following letter was received from this community center's director explaining this funding request: 

"I have been working at a crisis pregnancy center in Lurgan for a year. My husband and I are American citizens and have always worked with youth in one setting or another. The crisis pregnancy center reaches out to young teens who need crisis pregnancy counseling. Another facet of the centre is our education work. Last year alone, we delivered a multimedia presentation to approximately 18,000 pupils in 60 schools at the 8th, 10th, and 12th grade levels. We are abstinence centered, family centered, and character centered in our approach and have succeeded in achieving the desired positive attitude changes of students. Our goal is to prevent those crises that we deal with in the center.

We are truly grateful for your work in contributing funds towards purchasing education resources in various centers throughout Northern Ireland. We are currently trying to upgrade our booklets that we use in the school settings so that every aspect of our presentation is professionally delivered, yet affordable. We are expecting to reach 25,000 students this year and are already fully booked through June 2001. We anticipate delivering approximately 8,000 8th grade presentations, 13,000 10th grade presentations, and 5,000 presentations to students over 16 years old.

To produce booklets for the large quantity of students, a color copier is needed. I have conversed with two representatives from local office suppliers, Minolta and Canon. I have concluded that Minolta has the best to offer with the most options. I have enclosed a proposal for the digital copier, Minolta CF910, which should be sufficient to meet our needs. The cost is #6,999+VAT.

Thank you for considering our request. We are doing everything within our power to ensure that students' needs in this crucial area are met and that we can reach as many students as possible. We are trying to raise #60,000 by the end of October towards a much-needed second education team. We are well on our way. I enclosed information on our cycle fundraising just to inform you of our additional needs.

Thank you for taking the time to consider our requests.

Your work in this area of the world is truly appreciate.

Signed by the executive director of this center.


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