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00-06 Request

This request is to provide a wide range of arts and craft materials for approximately 20 children whose father and/or sibling has been murdered during the last 30 years. The youngest is two and the oldest are teenagers. 

The following letter was received and summarizes the difficulties this organization (Victims and Survivors Trust) experiences:

"VAST is an organization staffed mainly by volunteers which helps people who have been traumatized
by the conflict. We have within our membership in excess of twenty children, some of whom have been bereaved having lost fathers or siblings as a result of violence or suicide.

At present, we have virtually no play resources for our children and have been relying on contributions from the local community. Should our application be successful it would enable us to accommodate the
children more fully as regards holding classes in crafts and helping them with school work. 

We need resources to help our volunteers make a more positive contribution to the well-being of our children all of whom live in West Belfast which has suffered greatly as a result of the conflict. Our children need on-going support through assisted play activities to enable us to continue the work which we are struggling to do with little or no help from the government bodies. Therefore, we feel our group is deserving of help from The Children of Ireland Group and it would be a lifeline to us if you would consider our application.  We would be very grateful for any help which you can offer us to help alleviate the strain of having to continue our work with the children under very difficult circumstances."

This request has been funded as of 9/28/00 from the General Contributions fund with a check going to the Play Resource Warehouse - a local Belfast company supplying arts and craft supplies. However, should any donor wish to contribute this would help "replenish" the General Contribution fund.


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