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00-08 Request

The following letter was received with this request and best explains the use of the funding requested:

    "The Conway Education Center After Schools Club opened in April 1999.  We have two project workers and 20 Primary 6 children who come two days each week.   We have a waiting list of another 23 children who would like to come but because of lack of funding we cannot facilitate these children. 

We work closely with the local primary schools, who have indicated to us who they feel might benefit the most from partaking in the scheme.  We supervise the children with their homework, helping them and encouraging them when necessary.  Most of these children are entering the Transfer Test in November, which is a selection procedure for Grammar school.  Some of these children would not have the opportunity to do their homework in a quiet environment at home.

The Lower Falls where we are based, has one of the highest unemployment rates in Ireland.  We feel by encouraging education, we instill in the children a sense of achievement and a will to succeed, an escape from the 'dole ques'.  We find the children who come to the After Schools Club really benefit from the encouragement and help we give them, their confidence already is improving.  They are 'off the streets', so less likely to participate in gangs or violence.  We have always encouraged the children to talk about their problems, and through role playing and drama sessions, they can deal with pent up emotions and frustrations in a safe environment."

Funds will be used to purchase games, art activities, and a prop box.


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