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00-09 Request

As the Melmount Forum indicates in their request:

"The most specific objective that will be met with the provision of equipment and resources will be social need. This is prevalent in all four communities representing the Forum. 

These  communities exist within well documented levels of multi deprivation. They suffer the social ills of high unemployment and alcohol/substance abuse that in turn lead to low motivation and an eventual high suicide rate.   

Our programmes with your help aims to alleviate these problems. Our group has been working in capacity building measures through our local council. However, the councils events are limited and they do not attract the more marginalised grouping that our organisation seeks to accommodate.   

We have to date secured our own premises and run a varied programme of accredited and holistic courses. However, we must continually raise funds to source our needs. 

Strabane town is the unemployment blackspot of Europe and it is under this stigma that its youth strive to succeed. Our group nurtures this struggle."



Their request is as follows:

                        1- Over head projector    229.99
1- A4 Laminator 69.99
1- Polaroid Camera Kit 29.99
1-Filing Cabinet 149.99
5-Box of paper 79.95
1-Xerox Photocopier 258.88
1-Xerox Document Fax Centre 149.99


968.78 (approximately $1,450US)


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