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00-11 Request

The following information was provided by the director of the Glen Youth Community Centre about their organization.

The Glen Youth Community Centre in Derry, County Derry was established in 2000 for young people aged between 14 and 25 years of age. The area in which it works is made up of approximately 700 households and has lacked investment of any sort for a very considerable period of time. As a result, young people are leaving school at the earliest possible age and struggling to find employment.

This new group has been established in order to offer new hope to these young people. It's aims are to:

A. Promote the cause of young people in the Glenview area;

B. Help young people find a way forward in life through education, recreation, and employment;

C. Give the youth of Glenview a voice in their own affairs;

D. Help develop the skills of the young people;

E. Help young people turn away from crime and anti-social behaviours, and;

F. Provide what services young people feel can advance them in life.

The Group has recently purchased a Port-a-cabin from which they will be based. At this point however they lack the necessary equipment to manage and organise themselves adequately.

Their request is for:
            XE80 Digital Copier/Printer  approximately $600
Fax 515 machine approximately 135
Smartjet Printer/Copier approximately 250
Filing cabinet approximately



approximately $1105

This equipment will be used by the organization's Management Committee, the majority of whom are aged between 14 and 25, and the Youth Development Worker.

They will be used by the Group for educational classes aimed at developing skills that will prepare the young people for work. These classes will be run by local business figures and has been organised in association with Business in the Community. These classes are aimed at showing young people what skills that employers are looking for from those they will employ.


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