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01-01 Funding Request 

Community Youth Centre Project - "Outer Orbit"

Following is from a letter received with this request

Currently, a group of concerned individuals are developing a community youth centre in Waringstown, Co. Armagh. This concern has risen from the dire situation of the young people in our village. Most weekends young people congregate at street corners, drinking, throwing glass bottles and damaging public property. In recent years, thee has been an increase in drug usage by these teens, which may be a contributing factor in the frequency of home break-ins and theft, thought to be linked to these idle youth.

We intend to create a supportive and constructive environment where young people can gather in a neutral venue, for relational and educational activities. Personal computer usage opens a new realm of possibilities for our young people. The use of PC games, training in web page building, computer graphics, word processing, resume development, budget management, software development and hardware construction, present many exciting opportunities for our young people to develop themselves with a future mindset.

As well as the usage of PC's, we plan to offer the use of video game consoles, table soccer and board games which can encourage teamwork and the development of meaningful friendships in a healthy context. Music, video/film and food (for purchase) will be available for the young people in the centre as they desire.

It is our hope that the youth will experience the benefit of this centre both educationally and interpersonally. We are trying to steer clear of the negative connotations that come with the term 'drop-in centre' and the second-hand feel that comes with borrowed or heavily used equipment. We want to create a centre that the local youth can be proud of, and one that they will assume 'ownership' of, in terms of responsibility and care of the facility. Various speakers/training personnel will be sought out for occasional Friday or Saturday night presentations on various topics.

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Items to be purchased with funds:

Sound System $270

Sony Play Station 160

Pentium Computer 2,000

Seating, paint, lighting, flooring, etc. 2,500

Misc. Instructional materials: $1500

Total: $6,430


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