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01-04 Request


The following information is from a letter written by Careers 'N' Kids Centre Manager about it's programme:

Careers 'N' Kids is a community based, not for profit childcare center located in Percy Street in the Lower Falls area. The Center was established in 1991 in response to the identified need for a local, affordable childcare facility for local unemployed parents who wished to return to education or training. The Center also offered quality training placements for unemployed people seeking a qualification and career in childcare.

In 1998 the Center expanded its provision through the support of PlayBoard, one of the sectoral partners of the EU Special Support Programme for Peace and Reconciliation, by adding an After School facility. The Center today is registered to accommodate up to 50 children at any one time, from age of birth to 12 years. It currently employs 11 staff. The center is based on an interface area with the children attending from a cross community group.

Careers 'N' Kids in recent years has struggled financially to maintain the quality childcare it aims to provide whilst keeping abreast of increasing demands in quality and facilities. The Center currently is in need of some basic upgrading for our Pre-School children, in order to satisfy the demands of the industry and the quality standards set by the registration body.

The project proposed to The Children of Ireland Group for support has been facing Careers 'N' Kids for the past year, and if not addressed may jeopardise Careers 'N' Kids registration as a childcare center and thereby have a significant negative effect on the parents and children of West Belfast who avail of and value its services. This project proposal seeks to address these issues that will have a financial implication which Careers 'N' Kids will struggle to meet. The support of The Children of Ireland Group will be instrumental in enabling Career 'N' Kids to re-establish itself as one of the leading childcare centres in Belfast.

A well designed and innovative child play curriculum is essential for the provision of stimulating and beneficial environment for children. Careers 'N' Kids has regularly been the placement centre of children from unstable backgrounds whom have been placed in day care provision by the North and West Belfast Health and Social Service Trust. It is essential for all the children, but particularly for these children who are unlikely to receive stimulus and creative learning in their normal home environments, that Careers 'N' Kids update it's early learning play equipment and offer new toys to replace worn and broken equipment for the new millennium.

The development of children in a 'children's setting' is often the start of the development of a child into a sociable, stable, and participative young person. Many parents have found the experience of their children in Careers 'N' Kids to be stimulating and rewarding and the early learning experience beneficial and of extreme value to their children. The necessary new toys and play equipment will have significant and immeasurable long term benefits to the many young people who will experience and enjoy its results.

The total cost of the expenditure items which Careers 'N' Kids have identified to assist it in its plan is 3,750#. The is broken down in the table below. The amount sought from The Children of Ireland Group is 2,250#

Capital Items

Heater Safety Grills - Supply and Installation: 575#

Floor Covering Replacement: 925

Revenue Items

Early Learning Toys 950

4-Bikes & 4-Triks 700

Double Prams 900

Total Costs: $3,750

Contribution from Careers 'N' Kids 1,500#

Amount Sought from The Children of Ireland Group: 2,250#

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