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01-05 Request

For: Ashton Community Centre

The following request was made by the Ashton Community Centre and was made in the aftermath of a vicious assault by gunmen while children were present in July, 2001:

"Mr. Ryan, your representative was kind enough to give me your card. This was after gunmen had indiscriminately shot into our Centre where parents and children were gathering for a summer scheme. As you can imagine this horrific incident has had a severe traumatic effect on everyone involved particularly the children. We are located in an extremely disadvantaged area of North Belfast and are working to provide a better environment for our children. We provide a creche and an afterschools for local children as well as training and education for parents. Acts like this obviously make our work more difficult but we will not let it stop us!"

Additional information received included, "Everyone here is fine although there's still a lot of trouble. One of the girls who was shot at had a pipe bomb thrown at her house last week and there are attacks on nationalist areas in North Belfast every day. But we're still here and sheltering the children from this as much as possible. We are still here and sheltering the children from this as much as possible. We want them to think of summer as a time of fun and playing with their friends." Additionally on July 31st, it was reported, "Loand of trouble here at the minute, I've a family staying with me because their house was attacked. It was awful about Gavin Brett who was shot dead outside the GAA Club. He was a friend of my nephew. The most frightening bit is that things look like getting worse. They attacked a theatre last night with blast bombs where a plat was on as part of the Ardoyne Fleadh. Our Fleadh starts next week, security is a big worry."

Their request includes:

Compaq PC 1Ghz Athlon Processor, 128 mb ram, DVD $1,200, HP 930c Printer -$240, Scanner $120, Desk-$120


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