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01-06 Request

For: Kilcranny House, 21 Cranagh Road, Coleraine, Northern Ireland

The following information has been compiled and presented by the Kilcranny House for their request of approximately $4,500 for the purchase of audio/visual equipment, sports equipment, musical equipment, and workshop education resources. Their programme works with approximately 900 children of which 600 are less than 15 years old and 300 over 15 years of age. Their summary report is as follows:

Background to Kilcranny House

Kilcranny House is a community educational and resource centre that aims to address the divisions that exist between the people of Northern Ireland. Much of its work focuses on local school children and young adults from both sides of our religious divide. The Project offers a range of challenging programmes to groups who visit Kilcranny on a day visit or a residential basis.

A full-time Project Co-ordinator, Group Worker, an administrator and a varying number of local and international volunteers ensure the centre is run efficiently and groups derive maximum benefit from their stay.

An experienced management committee meet with the staff on a regular basis in order to review work, discuss decisions and forward plan. Kilcrany House is a registered charity and is core funded by the Department of Education. We also receive small "one off" grants from a number of Trust Funds.

Equipment Resources Requested

Kilcranny House is currently replenishing its group resources in order to expand the facilities and offer a more varied programme to our many youth groups. We have four particular areas that we wish to expand/replenish.

Firstly, many of the resources we use for school children have become outdated and over used, these need to be replaced. In particular, there is a clear need for us to add to our base of musical instruments for use by the children. While taking part in a drumming workshop, for instance, awareness of their own feelings and their role in the group is heightened.

Similarly, an awareness of Northern Ireland's place in the wider world is encouraged through the delivery of workshops using resources such as "Our Street, Our World". In addition, their knowledge of human rights can be enriched through the use of resources such as "Developing Rights: Teaching About Rights and Responsibilities 11-14".

Furthermore, the young adults who use Kilcranny have clearly indicated to us the need for sports equipment in the centre. This sports equipment will be used in a way that will help them to relax and get to know each other in a more informal way. We feel such equipment is an important tool for the group to 'gel', and provides light relief from the more in-depth structured programme activities in which they engage.

Finally, there is a need to enhance programme delivery to schools and young adults through the use of equipment such as a slde projector, an overhead projector, stand and screen. In particular, these pieces of equipment will add a new dimension to programmes offered at Kilcranny House and help the groups and individuals to engage with the material being offered.

The groups who will benefit from these resources include local school groups and young adults who are part of youth organisations in the local Coleraine area. A significant proportion of these groups come from areas identified as being 'disadvantaged' i.e. there may be high unemployment, a high level of drug or paramilitary activity, poor housing, or they live in rural areas of social exclusion. It is our belief that while living under these circumstances children go through their teenage years and into adulthood with a low self-esteem and self-confidence, and are, therefore, more likely to become involved in gangs, violence or paramilitary activity. Also, the marginalised nature of the areas in which their schools are situated means that it is often difficult for the children to meet other children from a different religion, therefore any existing divisions become more entrenched.

Youth groups who visit Kilcranny are encouraged to engage in activities, many of which are focused on issues such as emotions, fears, relationships, conflict etc. These activities/workshops are ultimately aimed at raising self-esteem and confidence in each of the participants.

Our monitoring and evaluation system clearly indicates the need for programmes such as those offered at Kilcranny house to local youth groups. It is imperative that our centre has adequate resources to back up our experienced staff in their programme delivery. We hope that The Children of Ireland Group will look favourably on our application for back-up resources, and wish to extend an invitation to any members of your Group who may wish to visit our Project in the future.

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Summary of Recreation and Education Equipment Requested

Technical Equipment:

Slide projector, stand, overhead projector, transparency sleeves, & Tripod Screen: $1,500

Sports Equipment

Mini-Soccer goals(2), snooker table, basketball system, table-tennis table, parachute: $1,500

Musical Equipment

Various children's musical instruments: $1,200

Workshop Education Resources

Several different books on making peace, developing rights, exploring the world, healing, etc.: $300

Total Funds Needed: $4,500

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