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01-07 Request

Pirates for Peace

The following information has been submitted by the Pirates for Peace project for consideration:

"Pirates for Peace is an organisation dedicated to the creation of radio stations on ex-warships, to give kids from troubled backgrounds throughout the world, a voice with which to help them shape their future. Pirates for Peace (Ireland) is the flagship of a new global initiative to empower the children of conflict.

Pirates for Peace (Ireland) is about co-operation and opportunity for the young people of Ireland, north and south, to contribute towards understanding and tolerance. A kids community radio station is being set up so that children from the north and south, Catholic and Protestant communities, can come together to learn broadcasting skills and have fun in a high tech communication orientated environment. Using all forms of information technologies, they will be able to contact and interact worldwide with others in similar situations. All this will happen in the unique atmosphere of a studio and associated facilities on board 'Enterprise', a converted ex Royal Navy minesweeper.

The Project

With the full approval of Newry and Mourne District Council 'Enterprise' will be berthed in the Albert Basin in Newry, alonside the Quays Shopping and Leisure Centre, from which "Quay Kids FM" will broadcast their own radio programmes three hours a day, five days a week. Programmes will range from sports, phone-ins, local news, events, film and book reviews to music, story telling, drama and even a kids soap. Programmes will be transmitted by the growing medium of internet radio, enabling the kids to communicate with their peers worldwide. In addition a conventional FM radio license has been applied for to broadcast to the local area.

Pirates for Peace have already worked closely with the Pathways Arts Project and the Southern Education and Library Board (SELB), who are running a series of very successful schools based cross community music projects in the Newry and Mourne area. The SELB will actively encourage local schools and colleges to participate in this cross-community initiative.

Participating schools would encourage a 'kids FM' brainstorming session amongst voluntary groups of 10-15 year olds, on a weekly basis at school. This would be to lay the foundation of the next weeks radio output, which would then be completed by attending a 'Pirate Club' on board the 'Enterprise'. Programme ideas would then be consolidated by the professional producer of 'Quay Kids FM' and then recorded, edited and assembled for insertion into the programme schedule.

Within this framework, individual children would be encouraged to develop more specialised skills, e.g. as a disc jockey, news reader, radio journalist or even to develop their talents in music, comedy or drama.

Membership in the 'Pirate Club' will be ongoing, kids who have completed a production module would be encouraged to continue their involvement in the project.

The Aims

* To broadcast fun radio programmes produced by young people for the benefit of young people and the community as a whole;

* To encourage young people to learn broadcasting and media skills, and provide practical experience in programme

production and presentation;

* To develop team working skills;

* To promote the concept of shared vision to young people living in troubled communities;

* To generate commercial interest in radio programmes made by young people;

* To bring kids together to experience how they are the same,


Subject to the current shortfall in funding being forthcoming, "Quay Kids FM" is currently on schedule for transmission to commence in early 2002.

* Jan to May 2001 - Stripping, cleaning and painting interior

* June 2001 - Ship on slipway for hull painting and installation of new shafts and propellers

* July 2001 - Installation of engines and steering gear;

* August to September, 2001 - Completion of exterior painting

* October 2001 - Installation of generators and electrical systems

* November 2001 - Studio installation

* December to January 2002 - Sea trials and travel to newry - setup infrastructure

* Spring 2002 - First broadcast


Pirates for Peace is funded through the registered charity Action for Children in Conflict (charity number 10600894, company limited by guarantee 3320057)

The projected cost of the ship's 36 month long refit is in the order of #200,000 as detailed below

Cost of ship # 17,500

Slipway work (shafts, propellers, rudders, and hull

preparation and painting): 15,000

Purchase and installation of engines: 20,000

Purchase and installation of recording and broadcast

equipment: 40,000

Materials (paint, timber, fittings, etc.): 12,000

Generators and electrical installation 30,000

Purchase and installation of navigation equipment

(compass, radar, GPS, etc.): 8,500

Hull survey and certification: 7,500

Safety and fire-fighting equipment: 13,500

Mooring fees (36 months during refit): 9,000

Volunteer expenses (5 volunteers): 12,000

Administration and professional fees: 15,000

Total: #200,000

Current Status

Many individuals and organisations have generously committed large sums of money to the funding progamme, not least the Carnegie UK Trust, the Wooden Spoon Society, and News International.

To date we have a shortfall in the budget to complete the refit of approximately #50,000. It is intended that ongoing operating costs will be met by a mixture of appropriate commercial and non-commercial means. Pirates for Peace (Ireland) will be rn on a 'not for profit' basis with the assets of the group held in charitable trust.

"The concept of Pirates for Peace is to convert ex-warships into radio stations and recording studios where young people will be able to develop and produce their own radio progammes.

The first Pirates for Peace, 'Enterprise' is close to completion. The Enterprise will be based in Newry, Northern Ireland but being a ship will have the ability to visit many towns and cities along the coast of Ireland.

Thanks to a generous donation from the Carnegie UK Trust, we have already purchased the required equipment for the recording studio. However, we are still looking for a donation of $15,000 to enable us to purchase the necessary radio studio equipment and transmitters.

Radio and Recording Studio Costs

Radio Studio Equipment: $10,200 approximately

Transmitter Equipment: $3,500

Recording Studio: $28,000

Total: $43,700

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