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02-01 Request


Information provided by the Playgroup's Co-ordinator:

"Tiny Tots is an Early Yeas Cross Community Education Project which opened in September, 1996, due to the response to the local demand for facilities for pre-school children. Strathfoyle Women's Activity Group and Strathfoyle Community Association initiated a joint project to establish a Community Playgroup.

Our playgroup is a Registered Charity, our group has two paid members of staff, a Playgroup Leader, Deputy Playgroup Leader as well as two volunteers and one placement student. Our group also has a Parent's Management Committee which is responsible for making decisions about the group. The committee is made up of parents and interested individuals of the community, it is very much a parent focused committee, involving parents and having their input, after all 'Parents are the first Educators of their children'.

Tiny Tots caters for 24 children (3-4 yrs old). Our group provides an environment where the children can flourish emotionally, socially, physically, intellectually and creatively. Tiny Tots is situated in a beautiful portacabin within North West Teachers Centre, Strathfoyle, Derry. Strathfoyle is a small, isolated village located five miles outside Derry City.

Tiny Tots aims to advance the educational, social, and personal development of young children through the provision of an appropriate, safe, and satisfying programme of play and activities. 'Interaction and play are the main channels through which children learn and develop'. Tiny Tots Community Playgroup welcomes children and parents from all cultures and religious background, we also make an effort to accommodate children with disabilities and learning difficulties.

Tiny Tots is run entirely by funds raised by the community e.g. draws/raffles/sales/coffee mornings/fund days and sponsored toddles.

Funding Sought:

Our playgroup is seeking grant aid to help towards purchasing new, recreational and educational equipment for the children attending our group. The children of Strathfoyle have no play are in the estate, therefore the playgroup can offer them space, enjoyment and good, fun, educational equipment to develop their skills and to keep them fit. Ideas of equipment would be: a climbing frame for outside, large floor games, table top games and puzzles, large building blocks and construction - Estimated cost: 1,500# (approx $2,200).


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