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02-03 Request

Enniskillen Rangers Youth Cross-Community Sports

The following letter was received in March, 2002:

"I am applying for a grant from the Children of Ireland Group to help us build changing rooms/small games rooms and kitchen allowing us to continue our work with children and young adults in this part of Ireland.

In 1987 Enniskillen was a cruelly divided town after a bomb exploded killing 11 people. When a major tragedy occurs there are different ways of again uniting divided communities, one of those ways is through sport and recreation for children from both sides of the division.

Over the years we have reaped the rewards spent coaching and working with such children. The rewards I refer to are not necessarily playing from Arsenal, Manchester United or any other of the other big clubs. Rewards in this case are seeing kids from different social put particularly religious backgrounds playing together, socialising together, studying together, just being together and staying together in the face of sectarianism and all the other problems we face in Northern Ireland.

Over the years we have held our sessions in fields, on cinder surfaces and anywhere else we could find space to bring them together.

Then in 1998, we were given the opportunity to purchase a field on the perimeter of a large housing estate known as "Dearychara". The purchase price of 24,000# Sterling was raised by a massive effort from all concerned and at last we had a home, a field, but nevertheless a home.

We have since fenced off the field and have improved the surface. In early 2001 we drew up plans to build changing rooms, toilets and a small games room and kitchen, the total cost is in the rgion of 120,000# and in August we were offered 70,000# part-funding from the National Lottery Fund. This money is of course paid to the project only if we attain matching funding for the remaining amount of 50,000#. I, therefore, urge you to seriously consider this request and assure you of our deep thanks and appreciation of any amount you may offer.

I humbly request a reply as soon as possible as we must commence the project by August 31st 2002 to meet the criteria of the lottery funding."

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