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A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization

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How You Can Help

Yes, there are several ways that you can assist needy children in Ireland no matter what your talents are!!  Here are some suggestions.  If you see any that you have questions on or you want to volunteer for, contact us IMMEDIATELY at:
Join As a Member!!
As in any organization, funds are needed for it to operate.  Such expenses as:
      -postage and mailing supplies;
      -long distance telephone calls;
      -printing membership brochures;
      -legal advice in Corporate matters and setting up trusts, wills, etc for potential donors
      -accounting and bookkeeping;
      -miscellaneous expenses.
It is our intention at the present that ALL membership fees are to be used for these administrative expenses and any upfront expenses to promote special promotional events with reimbursement made at the conclusion of these benefits.  

Our current intention is that ALL funds contributed by members above the membership fee (See: Membership Info ) will be donated to The Children of Ireland Group's special projects!!
Wish to make a tax deductible contribution?
As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the U.S., The Children of Ireland Group is able to provide tax exempt deductions for your donations!  

Various charitable donation programs can be setup with our assistance or we can assist your own lawyer/investment advisor in doing so.  Please contact J. Terry Ryan, President at:          
Got Special Talents??
We're always looking for people to help with our projects (See: Current Projects )!        
We're also always looking for talented musicians around the country to either come to Tallahassee to put on special benefits OR to promote The Children of Ireland Group during your normal gigs!  Just charge an extra dollar or two at the door and indicate that it's going to benefit really needy kids in Ireland!          
Suggest New Money Raising Projects!
That's right!  Your ideas count!  Let us know what ideas you've been involved in that have been successful in raising money for other organizations!  The success of your idea WILL be appreciated and WILL help meet the recreational and educational needs of our kids in Ireland!!  Take a look at our Current Projects list for an idea of what's going on currently.          
Products and Services of Your Company!
As you can see above, administering a non-profit organization DOES cost money!  If your company has products and services that may be useful to our Group, contact us IMMEDIATELY!

Likewise, as we promote additional fund raising musical and other types of benefits, we'll be looking for many "door prizes" in the form of products and services!  Not only will this help raise additional monies, but it will show your company as a responsible organization in the community.         
Contact Your Local Newspaper!
The Children of Ireland Group feels that regular news reports, both positive and negative, on Ireland is very important to understanding the on-going conflict in Northern Ireland. Unfortunately, many newspapers in the U.S. especially where many Irish-Americans live, omit information on Ireland, especially on Northern Ireland. 

The Children of Ireland Group feels this may be just a belief of the newspapers that there is no local interest in seeing this information.  We urge everyone to work closely with their local newspapers in a constructive manner in increasing coverage in their local areas.  There are several news services including ones that summarize daily information (e.g. Nuzhound) which can be brought to the attention of your local newspaper for additional source material. 

Should you have any thoughts along these lines or would like additional advice, contact us at:

Also, should you like to receive periodic News Releases from The Group or would like for us to send these News Releases directly to your local newspaper, again, contact us at the above e-mail address with the appropriate information to do so. 

It is imperative that citizens in the U.S. and elsewhere in the world fully understand and, most importantly, KNOW of the dangers that Irish children in Northern Ireland face daily!         
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