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The pictures you will see here are from a scrapbook composed by J. Terry Ryan, the Founder and Chairman of The Children of Ireland Group and many other international observers and friends.  They include photographs from his trip to Northern Ireland in July, 1999, shots of the Orange Parades, photos of some of the homes and buildings in this war-torn country, as well as some beautifully touching shots of the children at the Drumcree Community Centre. 

It is our intention to provide some graphic illustrations of some of the scenes that the children of Northern Ireland experience at various times of the year and many times daily, both good and bad. Scenes that are beautiful and touching, some that are hopeful, and others that help us to better understand the past and current tragedy of our homeland: Ireland! ...yet with recent peace efforts offer a more hopeful future.   We have also included pictures from our first benefit for the Group in November, 1999.  Please take a moment to look at these photos and share your thoughts with us.  Check this page often as we add additional subjects and pictures  

Map of Northern Ireland 

These pictures are of some community centres which children frequent in Northern Ireland


Drumcree Community Centre


Belfast Community Centre 


  To better understand the tremendous pressures and issues, both religious and political, that children are facing in Northern Ireland, Catholic versus Protestant, Republican and Nationalist versus Unionist and Loyalist, Irish versus British, the following pages review some of the sources and results of these pressures and issues.  These pictures are by no means the only pressures kids face on a regular basis; however, only increase the need to bring peace to this troubled land.

Orange Order Parades


Photos of Houses  


  The following pictures are of activities of The Children of Ireland Group as it works to raise monies to help the children in Ireland


Nov 13, 1999 Benefit Pictures 

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