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Welcome to The Children of Ireland Group's "Retail Store"!  Here you'll find information on products that the Group has arranged to be sold with income going directly to benefit our various projects. 

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Children of Belfast by internationally known photographer, Tom Quinn Kumpf, is a compelling book of children's life in Belfast in 1997.  Beautiful and powerful pictures show daily life of children there that the reader will want to pass along to friends and relatives. Taken in various sections of Belfast, both Catholic and Protestant, Republican and Loyalist, they're sure to bring laughter, a smile, and sometimes tears as Tom brings to us the life a children during 1997.



Described by Denis Mulcahy, National Chairman, Project Children:  "With heartfelt prose and powerful photos, Tom Kumpf reveals the soul of the children coming of age during The Troubles.  This book should be read, time and time again, by everyone involved or interested in the pursuit of peace in Northern Ireland."

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